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ArmA II 1.03 Patch Released
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ArmA II 1.03 Patch Released

It's figures, one day after we post our ArmA II review - Bohemia Interactive releases a new patch for the game.  Players can download the patch from the official website, and Steam users will get auto updated.  

While the patch weighs in at 134MB, Steam Users need to sit through a 4GB download to update the game due to some issues with the existing version.  

There's plenty of solid fixes like: Grenade could sometimes destroy a building just by impact and  Rainbow is visible even with sun below horizon.  Two issues I know were just killing us.  In all seriousness there's lots of performance and gameplay improvements listed.  The full list of fixes is posted below.

 505 Games and Bohemia Interactive have today released a new patch for ArmA II, the PC military shooter smash hit of 2009 . The patch (1.03) is available to download now from and will solve and improve/balance the following in-game issues: 


* Major AI tweaking and balancing (especially AI infantry aural detection sensitivity lowered significantly) 

* Improved multiplayer and cooperative campaign (saving games, connection issues) 

* Numerous fixes and improvements in the Harvest Red campaign 



* New: Functions getPosATL and setPosATL to allow controlling position relative to terrain. 

* New: command line option -showScriptErrors introduced to show errors in scripts on-screen 

* New: Direct analogue throttle and brake for airplanes now available. 

* New: More flexible configuration of Flares in the config (brightness, size) 

* New: Mission name (with * indicated unsaved work) displayed in the mission editor

* New: Keyboard shortcuts in the mission editor 

* Improved: Better airplane HUD visibility both night and day 

* Optimization: Reduced frame stutter near map borders. 

* Fixed: Rainbow is visible even with sun below horizon. 

* Fixed: 3D Editor - civilian and resistance units did not work correctly 

* Fixed: Sea surface was not rendered in NE area out of map. 

* Fixed: Terrain surface was sometimes using wrong parallax map. 

* Fixed: Grenade could sometimes destroy a building just by impact 

* Fixed: Radio messages sometimes echoed 

* Fixed: Team switch did not work when player died 

* Fixed: Reduced AI detecting slowly moving enemy vehicles by ear. 

* Fixed: Prevent killed AI units reporting who killed them. 

* Fixed: After respawn in MP, player's tasks, diary content and skills are transferred to the new entity 

* Fixed: Leaning 'limits' did not work with TrackIR 

* Fixed: MP client frozen in Receiving... screen sometimes 

* Fixed: Problems with saving and loading games in cooperative campaign 



* Fixes and improvements in most of the campaign missions (Into the Storm, Harvest Red, Bitter Chill, Manhattan, Badlands, Dogs of War) 

* Improved: autosave logic to not save when it was not safe 

* Improved: Eye for an Eye in Scenarios 



* Fixed: various minor problems on buildings 

* Fixed: rocks destruction effect changed 

* Fixed: penetrability of some vegetation 

* Fixed: collision geometry of A_BuildingWIP 

* Fixed: react FSM core conversations 

* Fixed: cargo animations in LAV25 

* Fixed: indicators in Ka52 when using NVG 

* Fixed: cargo animations in BTR 

* Fixed: Warfare keypoint on Chernarus 


System requirements: 

* ANY ORIGINAL VERSION OF ARMA 2 from 1.00 to 1.02 other than Steam version, Steam users should use auto updating feature instead (their game will not be playable if they applied this patch until they recover it again from Steam) 

* DirectX 9 March 2009 is required and should be updated during the patching process automatically as needed or you can update your version of DirectX from 


ArmA II is available now exclusively for PC. For all the latest information visit