Halo Wars

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  • LAN Co-Op: 2 Players
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Halo Wars Goes Lil' and Cute With Mega Blocks
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Halo Wars Goes Lil' and Cute With Mega Blocks

I'm not quite sure how this one got past my radar.  Halo Wars is the latest franchise getting its own construction toy treatment.  Mega Bloks brings us the Halo Wars Authentic Collector's series.  Right now, just a few sets are available, ranging from the Warthog, pictured above, to a sweet box including Hawk vs. Banshee, Aerial Assault.

As a Halo Wars fan, and a dad to a kid who has an unreasonable love for all things Halo, I was out on the hunt this past weekend.  Only the big sets were to be found anywhere; my son wanted the Warthog badly.  Alas, no luck anywhere.  I have to admit, that Aerial Assault set is very, very tempting.  Anyone else think Halo would make a fun LEGO style video game?

Source: Megabrands.com