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Dr. Mario Online Rx

  • Couch Co-Op: 4 Players
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Dr. Mario Online Co-Op Review
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Dr. Mario Online Co-Op Review

Nintendo has a long history of releasing games on several different systems.  Whether this is a bad thing or not largely depends on whether you are a fan or critic of Nintendo franchises in general.  Put me firmly in the "fan" camp.  I have no problem with this recycling, as long as the games are good, which in Nintendo's case, they usually are.  Who could argue that buying Smash Brothers three times was a waste of money?  And Tetris for the DS was absolutely worth purchasing, though I'd played it on the original Game Boy for years.  Let's consider Dr. Mario Online for a moment, then.  It's been available for the NES, Nintendo 64, and for the GBA TWICE, and recently it hit the WiiWare service.  Is it worth checking out, given the addition of a co-op mode? 

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The Co-Op Experience: The Virus Buster mode is where you'll find 4 player co-op. Multiple pills spawn at the top of the screen, and the simple grab/rotate controls allow you to move the pills freely left, right, or down (up is still locked, since this is a gravity-based puzzler at its core) to position the pieces. Each player has their own agenda, each fighting over what piece to use where.

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