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Only 35 'World Tour' Tracks Importable Into Guitar Hero 5
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Only 35 'World Tour' Tracks Importable Into Guitar Hero 5

Guitar Hero 5 hit the streets yesterday, and now we now a bit more about the game.  We were specifically curious about the import features.  Rock Band 2 supported the import of the Rock Band disc songs last year.  We loved this feature, and when it was announced that it was finally being added to Guitar Hero, we were quite pleased.  Last night, I was unable to contact the servers to try the import, but USA Today has the info. Edit: Updated information below.

Immediately, players can import 35 songs from Guitar Hero World Tour for 280 points on Xbox Live and $3.50 on the PlayStation Network. Later this fall, songs from Guitar Hero Smash Hits can be imported, too.

Ten cents a song sounds fairly reasonable., and is only slightly higher than the $5 for 55 deal in Rock Band 2.  The troubling part, for me at least, is that 35 songs is barely over a third of the World Tour disc tracks.  I was hoping more of the songs would be available for import into the new and vastly improved GH5 engine.  Perhaps more songs will be available at a later date?  We'll keep you posted on any further developments. 

Update: According to Shacknews, more World Tour songs will eventually be importable for those who paid the $3.50 import fee.