Madballs in…Babo: Invasion

    Madballs in...Babo Invasion Launches on Steam Today
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    Madballs in...Babo Invasion Launches on Steam Today

    It's time the PC got some balls, Madballs that is.  Launching today on Steam, Madballs in...Babo Invasion brings four player co-op action to a whole new set of gamers.  The PC version of the game is almost identical to the Xbox Live version, though there's a few tweaks under the hood and more graphic options.

    If you order the game today, you'll get 20% off the already reasonable $9.99 price tag, plus you'll get a pass to give a free to have access to the full game for one day.  That's a pretty unique feature I don't think we've seen before.  Sounds like a good way to entice someone to join you for some co-op!  Don't forget to check out our review of the Xbox Live version if you're on the fence with this one!


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