Madballs in…Babo: Invasion

    Madballs Shows Us The Money
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    Madballs Shows Us The Money

    It's time once again to get your creative thinking caps on. Madballs in...Babo Invasion wants to see your balls on Youtube in a bit of friendly competition. By making a quirky Madballs related video and uploading it to Youtube, you could win up to $1000 from on behalf of the Madballs community.

    With this contest you're asked to make any number of fun, interesting, or otherwise amazing Madballs videos to Youtube by March 10th, but don't forget to register by February 10th to qualify.

    "You will be tasked with uploading your video to YouTube before the creation deadline. We request that you tag your uploaded video with "madballs" and (optional) "video contest" so that your videos may be found more easily.

    Once the deadline has been reached, we will create a poll on our forums containing every single fan-made submission.

    There will be one vote per user.

    The top ten entries will be sent to the Playbrains development team for final judging (assuming we receive such a response from the event!)"

    If you follow the rules, you're entered to win one of these great prizes:

    * First place: $1000
    * Second place: $500
    * Third place: $350
    * Fourth place: $200
    * Fifth place: $100

    They have a few tips and tricks to help with your video making skills over at their home forum. If we may suggest working together, perhaps you can win that top prize and split it with your favorite video-making co-op buddy.