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Sony to Bring adhocParty to North America
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Sony to Bring adhocParty to North America

Many American PS3/PSP owners know that Japanese PS3/PSP owners enjoy a few more luxuries than we do stateside.  An expanded PlayStation Store, games released months (sometimes years) before the American version, and the ability to play ad hoc only co-op titles (such as Monster Hunter Freedom Unite) over the Internet are just a few of the perks they enjoy.  "What?!" you say, "They have the technology to make ad hoc gaming reach further than two feet from my couch?!"  Apparently they do, and it will be arriving here very soon.

The Sony Playstation blog announced Friday that adhocParty, an online service that allows the PSP to expand its ad hoc coverage from immediate vicinity to the entire world via the PS3/PSP system link, is headed for our shores.  In addition to an increased ability to connect remotely with friends, adhocParty also brings with it the ability to use a bluetooth headset or the PlayStation Eye for voice chat.  Good news for all those PSP owners out there that were unable to play some fine co-op titles with their friends that were further away than next door... assuming those PSP owners also own a PS3, that is.

Source: Blog.us.playstation.com