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This Week in Co-Op: Thanksgiving Leftovers
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This Week in Co-Op: Thanksgiving Leftovers

For the second time in a row, our family Thanksgiving meal was hosted at my house. Seven guests attended, three of which were gamers at heart, and three casual gamers. Since none of us are football fans in anything more than minimal capacity, the most obvious post-dinner activity is firing up a video game console and pile into the upstairs entertainment room.

The ladies elected to clean up the dining room and kitchen (no, really - they did!) while the men exercised our angst against each other by way of splitscreen Modern Warfare 2. After the chores were finished downstairs, the ladies decided that their lesser halves were not going to monopolize the TV, and proceeded to insist that we play a game suitable for all.

Much to my wife's surprise, I produced a copy of New Super Mario Brothers Wii that I had nabbed while picking up extra Xbox 360 controllers for the occasion. Once she was satisfied that I'd had enough of a beating with the fire poker she allowed me to painfully crawl to the Wii and insert the new game.

We had a great time! And it only stood to reason that even after the guests had all gone home, New Super Mario Brothers Wii would make for some good marriage counseling. Two weeks later: the leftover food is gone, the decorations have changed to a more appropriate Christmas motif, and snow has shown its face briefly...but the game that was served as an afterthought dish is still plenty fresh. 

Co-Optimus reviewed New Super Mario Brothers Wii this week, with some varying feedback results. The game doesn't take full advantage of all of the co-op possibilities of this generation - and therefore missed out on a better co-op review score - but ultimately it has provided a lot of good, clean fun...

...and it doesn't even need to be refrigerated.