Too Human

  • Online Co-Op: 2 Players
  • + Co-Op Campaign
Too Human Demo Coming Next Week!
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Too Human Demo Coming Next Week!

The Pre-E3 deluge of information continues, this wave bringing news of Too Human.  Some love it, some hate it, but it looks to us like some great co-op fun.  A press release from Microsoft about their coverage of E3 reveals that a demo for Too Human will be made available for download next week!  No exact day is given for the availability of the demo, however.  That's not a huge deal, since you'll likely be logging in often to check on the E3 coverage offered over Xbox Live.  We certainly hope that co-op will be included in the demo, so keep your fingers crossed.

We can't think of a game that has drawn as much conflicting information as Too Human as it nears release.  Is the game too short?  Will about 10 hours of campaign be enough to keep our interest?  According to Tycho from Penny Arcade:

Contrary to other previews I have read, I think the game is a little too long - some levels are just long to be long, likely to counter complaints that the game is too short, which hasn't worked anyway. My playtime was around the fourteen hour mark, similar to Mass Effect, because just like Mass Effect I spent a lot of time twiddling my character and making the most of my equipment. Inserting runes to increase my effectiveness, completing slottable quests called Charms that confer powerful effects, or crafting items from rare blueprints to build sharp looking sets are things which I find fun. The replayability here should be in the escalating difficulty, the co-op multiplayer, and the inherently addictive quest for more powerful, cooler-looking shit.

Kotaku recently reported their co-op experience with Too Human.  They summarized by saying that co-op is a nice way to get a bit more value from the game after you've done the single player campaign, and that the game is certainly deep enough to support multiple playthroughs.  Again, the comparisons to Diablo are inevitable, as the same could be said about that storied franchise.  Best game ever, or worst game of the past five years?  Isn't it nice to know that you can download the demo and decide for yourself starting next week?