Too Human

  • Online Co-Op: 2 Players
  • + Co-Op Campaign
Too Human In Depth Co-Op Video
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Too Human In Depth Co-Op Video

Oh how we love our Too Human here at Co-Optimus.  We've posted previews, screenshots, videos and even an exclusive interview.  What more could you possibly want to know about Silicon Knight's upcoming Action/RPG on the Xbox 360? 

Well there's more to tell, in fact it comes straight from the man himself, Mr. Denis Dyack.  There's a brand new video on Xbox Live (as well as Gametrailers) with the developers showing some in depth look at the co-op action.  There's lots of good information here like how the item management system works between players (there's 3 options), how the combo system works between players (it keeps counting), and even the options for playing levels (it's very flexible).

You want to see more of the action including about 5 minutes of beautiful realtime footage?  Hit the jump!