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iPhone Versus Shooter Getting the Co-Op Treatment
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iPhone Versus Shooter Getting the Co-Op Treatment

I have a Google Android-powered phone, so I don't get in on some of the cool apps and games like Eliminate. I see the iPhone and Android phones as, say...Pinky and the Brain. One gets all the love, while the other bides his time. Perhaps global domination will come somewhere down the line, but in the meantime one of them gets to have some fun. Egad!

Ngmoco is about to make me even more jealous with an update to the popular iPhone first-person shooter Eliminate. They're calling the update "Extermination Mode"; it's essentially a co-op survival mode, and it seems fun. Alas, I must continue my solitary quest...try not to hurt yourselves. (Narf!)

Source: Kotaku.com