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Co-Op Watchmen Game Info
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Co-Op Watchmen Game Info

Many of you probably don't know about Watchmen, the sublime (limited) comic book series. However, to summarize, it's very good and was the only comic book to ever win the Hugo award (for excellence in sci-fi writing). Oh and it takes place in an alternate reality where Nixon is president forever and we won Vietnam. I hadn't even heard of Watchmen until I saw the epic trailer for the upcoming movie version of it when I went to see The Dark Knight. However, after seeing the trailer I was excited about the movie. I was made even more excited when I discovered (via MTV) that there will be a downloadable, episodic Watchmen game debuting alongside the movie. The game will have split-screen co-op, featuring the heroes Nite Owl and Rorschach. The game  is also a prequel to the series, taking place in the 1970s. Little more is known about the game, but it will feature up to 20 enemies on screen and is apparently a rather pretty game. The game will come out with the movie in 2009. Any Watchmen fans out there?