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EA Server Shutdown March 2010 - LOTR Conquest, Army of Two (Asia)
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EA Server Shutdown March 2010 - LOTR Conquest, Army of Two (Asia)

Less 'service with a smile' and more 'servers with a frown', as the news breaks that EA are to close down more online servers on March 16th.  This is bad news for co-op fans looking to complete Lord of the Rings: Conquest, as this is the highest profile co-op game on the list.  For those in Asia, the closing down of the Army of Two online servers on April 15th will be a double blow - no more fist bumping for you.  Finally, Mercenaries 2: World in Flames on the PC will be given its burns notice.

The games that are being taken off the EA servers account for only 0.3% of EA games played online.  However, if someone has just bought a copy of LOTR: Conquest they will find it no longer works online in a few weeks.  Is this a tactic by EA to stifle the trade-in market as gamers will need to complete a game quickly to able to play online?  With LOTR: Conquest being released in January 2009, it only gives us 14 months to complete a game - is this a dangerous precedent?

If you have any questions of queries about the server shutdowns you can contact EA support and perhaps voice your concerns? 

Source: Ea.com