NBA Jam For Wii Bringing Boom-Shaka-Laka Back
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NBA Jam For Wii Bringing Boom-Shaka-Laka Back

That ball.. it's on FIRE!

Ever find yourself tossing a piece of paper in the wastebasket and yelling "FROM DOWNTOWN"?  Ever shut a door too hard and proclaim "SLAMMA JAMMA"?  If so, you probably played a fair bit of classic sports game NBA Jam.  I know I personally poured rolls of quarters into the arcade version, and spent hours playing the SNES port at home.  The fast, frenetic, exaggerated two on two gameplay was hardly realistic, but it sure was fun.

Later this year, NBA Jam is headed to the Wii.  This is no mere Virtual Console release, though, but is a full on remake of the original, updated with improved graphics and motion controls.  Normally, I'm leery of waggle, but when you play a game like NBA Jam, wild gestures are part of the fun.  Joyatiq had a bit of hands on time with the new game, and calls it "outrageously fun".  The co-op comes in the form of a campaign modes: Classic Campaign and the intriguingly-named Remix Mode.  Let's hope the game is more "MONSTER JAM!" than "PUT UP A BRICK!"