The Scourge Project

  • Online Co-Op: 4 Players
  • LAN Co-Op: 4 Players
The Scourge Project Hits Steam Today, 10% Off For First Week
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The Scourge Project Hits Steam Today, 10% Off For First Week

A couple weeks ago we got some hands-on time with Tragnarion Studio's four player co-op, third-person shooter, The Scourge Project, and were rather pleased with what we saw.  A co-op game where the narrative can be viewed from four unique perspectives is a particular mechanic that we certainly haven't seen in many of the games we've played and reviewed here at Co-Optimus, and one that Omar Salleh, the game's director, discussed in a bit more detail in our interview with him.  After the preview and the discussion with Omar, we were eager to get our hands on the full-game and see what mysteries it had in store for us.  Well, the time is finally at hand as Tragnarion announced today that The Scourge Project will be available for purchase on Steam today, and is even available at a 10% discount if you order it within the first week of its release.

The Scourge Project: Episodes 1 & 2 will be available via Steam today 9th of April 2010, 10% off for the first week

Tragnarion Studios is happy to announce that The Scourge Project will be available via Steam today 9th of April 2010, with a first week introductory discount of 10%. After the first week the game will be priced at only $19.99 / 14.99€ / 12.99£.

The Scourge Project is a new multiplatform shooter featuring a unique focus on co-operative narrative and gameplay.  The Scourge Project is a story-driven 3rd person shooter game built from the ground up for co-op, where up to 4 players each experience a personal story whilst playing together as a squad.
Eugenio Vitale, Head of Studio at Tragnarion Studios said; “We are very excited to work with Steam for The Scourge Project launch. We have been working on the game production for the past 2 years with a team of more than 100 talented people and we are keen to finally see it in the hands of players. "The Scourge Project" is the first in a new line of products where the plan is to focus on the core gameplay that players do expect from their favorite genres, of course adding unique elements of our own to the mix. This, together with an episodic formula and digital distribution allows us to offer high quality and a lower final cost for the player. In the Scourge production, TV shows like “Lost” inspired the development team as we were working on the game’s story.  With Episodes 1 and 2 we want to tell a complete story, but leaving room for future episodes to resolve unanswered questions and bring to light all of the game’s mysteries. At the foundation of this is the social co-op element of the game: we want our public to actively participate in the future development of the plot and characters”.

The game will come on a special 2 episode bundle with more than 5 hours of gameplay spanning 4 complete levels, up to 4 Player Co-op Campaign Mode, 4 Unique Playable Characters to choose from, an arsenal of weapons and special abilities, thrilling boss-fights and environmental puzzles. The Scourge Project will have multiplayer modes such as Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture The Flag and Frontiers, all of which allow up to 16 Players.