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Game Center Brings Leaderboards, Achievements to iPhone
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Game Center Brings Leaderboards, Achievements to iPhone

iPhones, iPads, iPods, they are everywhere you look.  The ubiquitous devices are totally ingrained into modern culture.  (If they'd just lose the AT&T exclusivity, I'd ingrain one into my own personal culture.)  But will the iPhone really take off as a gaming platform?  That remains to be seen, but recent announcements indicate that Apple is serious about gaming on it's devices.

Later this summer, iPhone OS 4 hits, and part of that operating system will be Game Center.  Though unimaginatively named, Game Center will include matchmaking, leaderboards, achievements, and other social gaming functions.  In essence, it sounds like Xbox Live in your pocket.  (Insert joke here.)  Several services already offer such functionality, but a dedicated functionality included on all iPhones will be a vast improvement, as there will be no splintering of the player base.  It's looking more and more like we need to add in the iPhone as a gaming system here at Co-Optimus, isn't it?

Source: Pcworld.com