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Halo Reach's "Birth of a Spartan" Unveils Carter 259
Video by 12

Halo Reach's "Birth of a Spartan" Unveils Carter 259

As promised, we have the new 60 second trailer for Halo Reach.  The live action short shows you the Spartan III creation process of the new Noble Team leader for Halo Reach.

Known has Carter 259, he goes from young man to super soldier thanks to a few carefully placed needles, and no doubt, plenty of training.  Like all things Halo, the music is an overpowering and driving force of emotion.  The full two minute and thirty second trailer is available on Xbox Live via the Waypoint channel.


What are your thoughts on this trailer? And on the extended version?

Update:  SixOkay has a great breakdown of the trailer here.

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