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Halo Reach Creative Director Discusses Upcoming Title, Armor Abilities
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Halo Reach Creative Director Discusses Upcoming Title, Armor Abilities

Continuing their month-long coverage of Bungie's next title in the Halo franchise, Halo Reach, Game Informer has posted a video that features creative director Marcus Lehto talking a little bit more about the game.  While subscribers to the magazine will likely already be familiar with much of what Marcus talks about, e.g., the six-man Spartan team, the graphics engine updates, and the weapons, there is one little bit towards the end that hasn't been covered extensively: armor abilities.

In the video, Marcus discusses how these new abilities will take the place of the equipment items, e.g., bubble shields, that were present in previous Halo titles.  Unlike those one-use items, armor abilities are more of a permanent fixture for your character and remain until you decide to swap one out for a different ability.  Marcus brings up the names of two of these abilities, Active Camo and Sprint, within the video and even goes into little bit of detail about how the armor abilities work, e.g., Sprint allows players to move at a faster speed until the ability's energy is depleted.  The armor abilities should certainly lead to some interesting co-op play sessions as it sounds like you'll be able to use these abilities to make more tactical strikes against the Covenant forces.  I don't know about anyone else, but I'm certainly looking forward to the prospect of using the Active Camo to sneak up behind an Elite and employ some of those new assassination moves to take him out.

Update: Our apologies; the embed for the video wasn't working so please reference this Game Informer post to view the video.

Source: Gameinformer.com