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PixelJunk Shooter 2 Officially Announced
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PixelJunk Shooter 2 Officially Announced

We've been aware for - some time now - that the development of a no-brainer sequel to the super fun PlayStation Network title PixelJunk Shooter is already under way. Today Sony offered up a bubbly new logo, two screenshots, and a hint at more forthcoming details.

According to Official PlayStation Magazine Editor in Chief Gary Steinman, their July issue is set to unveil a "PixelJunk lovefest feature", showcasing new deets on the hotly anticipated twin-stick co-op shooter. What I've already gleaned from the new screenshots (which we've uploaded for you) is that some type of new lighting mechanic will come into play. It sounds like a lot of fun, which we've come to expect from PixelJunk.

Also, as a bonus, a single level from the original PixelJunk Shooter will be available on May 25th as a free demo. If you haven't tried this game, this is your chance. Jason and I had a great time with it, and Mike thought it fared well in review form; we think you will, too!