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The Scourge Project

  • Online Co-Op: 4 Players
  • LAN Co-Op: 4 Players
The Scourge Project Patch Out Now
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The Scourge Project Patch Out Now

While The Scourge Project was a game we anticipated with uh, a lot of anticipation, we were quite disappointed by the final product.  At it's core there was some really great ideas and concepts there, but the game was marred by an overall lack of polish.  Still there was some fun to have in the game's four player co-op modes. 

Today Tragnarion has announced the first patch for the game, hopefully fixing up some of those bugs and nuances that turned us off.   We have the full list of fixes below..  The Scourge Project is still set to hit Xbox Live Arcade sometime this year.

  • Skip able Cut Scenes & Movies

    • Voting system has been implemented for Cut Scenes
    • Movies are individually skip able
  • Performance boost
  • Squad AI Improvements
  • Use / action and order keys problems reported to occur in some configurations
  • Possibility to change character at reload checkpoint screen when dead
  • Resolved some issue reported to occur with Gamepads / Microsoft Xbox controllers and Grenade Launcher use.
  • Fixed menu option shadow quality
  • Implemented higher bloom quality
  • Fixed Mouse sensitivity
  • Added Force Feedback for Microsoft Xbox gamepad
  • Exposed extra key bindings
  • Fixed Death Match colored names
  • Fixed Weapon Shells position
  • Fixed some issue reported with pickups
  • Fixed Server configuration issues in server travel
  • Quick-Order-System: improved orders issuing when incapacitated
  • Fixed Sound crashes when configured over 48kHz
  • Added support for Sound configuration 7.1 and quadraphonic
  • Abilities:
  • Offensive ability will launch automatically when hold threshold is reached. This makes it faster to be used.
  • Defensive will be deactivated with any release despite the duration of holding the button.
  • Dedicated servers for versus matches (Death Match, Team Death Match, Capture The Flag and Frontier).
  • Minor bug fixes