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Crackdown 2 Story Progression a Solo Affair
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Crackdown 2 Story Progression a Solo Affair

Somewhat disappointing news for Crackdown 2 fans - the game's story mode, while playable in four player co-op, will only benefit the host player in terms of story progression.  The news comes out of an interview at Joystiq with Ruffian Games' Billy Tomson.

How does it work when I'm playing a game and I invite three friends into the experience, in terms of the story? Does the Agency directly speak to all four characters or recognize the change at all?

BT: It will talk to all four characters but it doesn't change the story. You essentially join a friend's city and you progress through their city. You can level-up your agent but you're not actually progressing your city.

It's not all bad news though, players will be rewarded for playing co-op.  All orb progress will be carried back to your single player career as well agent progression.  You'll also get all shared achievements related to the missions at hand, you just won't get credit in your own game.  Other things discussed in the interview include Keys to the City, DLC, and a new driving system.  Crackdown 2 is out July 6th on the Xbox 360.

Is this a make or break deal for you with Crackdown 2?