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The Game Daily HUD
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The Game Daily HUD

For those of you that don't know, GameDaily is a website from AOL that covers everything gaming and includes partner sites like Big Download and Joystiq.  The GameDaily HUD is a brand new feature on the website which features the most intelligent, important and sexiest voices in the games industry.  Will you look at that...there's me!

Every week I'll be taking part in the GameDaily HUD answering the burning questions going on in the world of gaming.  Well, that and telling you fine folks what I'm playing.

It's all about Geometry Wars 2 for me. It's totally addictive. The way Bizarre added the leaderboards right on the menu system is ingenious. I still have 2 achievements to go, but I'm constantly improving my score and competing against friends. Can I go back and play now?

So be on the lookout for the GameDaily HUD every week, because if you don't - well - you'll make Billy cry.