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  • Couch Co-Op: 2 Players
  • LAN Co-Op: 4 Players
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E3 2010: Halo Reach Campaign Trailer Requires Change of Pants
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E3 2010: Halo Reach Campaign Trailer Requires Change of Pants

Better break out the Depends undergarments, ladies and gentlemen.  The new Halo Reach campaign trailer, fresh from Microsoft's E3 show yesterday, is now available for us poor slobs who were unable to attend.  The footage is from the campaign mode, which as we already know, will support 4 player co-op.  Some nice views of the HUD as well as some new tricks like fancy assassination moves are on display.  The game looks beautiful, leaps and bounds better than any previous Halo.  But the best part of the trailer is the last few seconds... (Spoilers ahoy, Spartans.)

It appears that Halo will be blasting off into space!  A Sabre spacecraft, prepped for launch, is found by the team of Spartans.  After hopping inside, the Sabre takes off and the next thing you know, it's humans vs. Covenant in a sweet space dogfight!  I think we can safely say the vehicle based sections of Halo Reach aren't going to be the worst part of the game this time, right? 

Source: Youtube.com

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