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E3 2010: Here's The New Nintendo 3DS
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E3 2010: Here's The New Nintendo 3DS

The announcement of a new video game system is always newsworthy, but especially so when it concerns a new Nintendo handheld.  The next iteration of the mega-successful DS hardware is here.  Dubbed the Nintendo 3DS, the obvious focus is on three dimensional display of games and movies.  The upper diplay screen has been revamped, and will be in widescreen ratio, 3.5 inches across.  The resolution of the upper screen is 800 by 240, and it will enable 3D viewing without the need for special glasses.  The user can adjust a slider bar to increase or decrease the 3D effect to his or her preference. 

The bottom screen retains a 4:3 ratio with all the touch screen capabilties of the first DS.  Backwards compatibility with standard DS games is assured, as we'd expect from Nintendo.   You'll notice an analog input above the d-pad, called a "slide pad".  Also, two cameras, a motion sensor, and a gyro sensor are inside.  That's an awful lot of bells and whistles; could the Nintendo 3DS be the most gimmick-laden video game system ever?  I suppose we'll find out soon enough.  Hopefully Jason and Nick will have hands on impressions for us soon!

Source: E3.nintendo.com