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Keeping the Fear Factor in Resident Evil 5
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Keeping the Fear Factor in Resident Evil 5

Games Conference in Leipzig has been eventful for the world of co-op. We've shown you some cool Diablo III screens, as well as some info about Resident Evil 5. We've shown you guys some pretty killer videos that make Resident Evil 5 look like a safe bet for co-op fans. Well, I'm happy to bring more news about Resident Evil 5. However, be warned, this news post doesn't come with a bunch of great vids. Sorry folks. However, 1up has posted some info that might be just as important as some cool vids. The article is mainly about how co-op will affect the fear factor in Resident Evil 5. The article quotes RE5 producer Masachika Kawata is saying:


Kawata also assured us that the co-op mode won't be any less scary than the single-player game -- which we're a bit skeptical of considering voice chat will probably remove some of the fear from the experience -- saying, "I thought the game would be more of an action game until I played it." He then took things up a few notches, claiming that the game "might paralyze you with horror."

The fact that the RE5 team is taking into account for the solidarity and support that a second player provides is nice. I found Resident Evil 4 to be quite scary, so I'm hoping I can get that level or fear (or more, even) and still have cool co-op. How about you?