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Squad 51 vs. the Flying Saucers

  • Couch Co-Op: 2 Players
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The RSS Feed and All those Co-Op Games
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The RSS Feed and All those Co-Op Games

If you read our site via RSS you may have noticed a sudden influx of co-op game additions to our database.  I know that's not something everyone wants to see - and I'm sorry about that - but we had a backlog of quite a few co-op games that needed to be added to the database and finally got a man on the job after slacking for months.  We get dozens of tips on co-op games a week and we are careful with researching and adding submissions to ensure it's a true co-op experience.

If you're only interested in our news and features coverage you can use this alternative RSS feed - though once we finish this backlog you'll only see the occasional co-op addition to the main feed.  Of course you can also follow multiple feeds on specific subjects - any of our tags or games are capable of being turned into an RSS feed.  So if you want to only follow news on Xbox 360 titles you'd simply paste: into your RSS reader.  Crackdown 2 news could be followed here.  It's a simple as adding RSS to the end of the URL!

As always thanks for visiting Co-Optimus and if there's anything we can do to improve your stay send us some feedback!