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Co-Optimus Mobile is a Go!

Today we're proud to announce the mobile version of the Co-Optimus website has officially launched.  With it comes a portable version of Co-Optimus, accessible by numerous devices like Android Phones, iPhones and BlackBerry smartphones.  The mobile site is built on HTML5 standards and utilizes a resource light view into the world of co-op gaming.  

by Nick Puleo 23

Co-Optimus is 3 Years Old Today, Co-Optimus Mobile and More Coming Soon

It's hard to believe this site I conceived over 3 years ago has grown into such a vibrant community and a resource used by millions of people.  Today Co-Optimus turns three and I'm extremely proud of everything we've accomplished during that time.  Co-Op gaming is incredibly popular with bigger and better co-op releases announced every year; developers, publishers, and gamers have all joined in on the Co-Op Revolution.

by Nick Puleo 4

The RSS Feed and All those Co-Op Games

If you read our site via RSS you may have noticed a sudden influx of co-op game additions to our database.  I know that's not something everyone wants to see - and I'm sorry about that - but we had a backlog of quite a few co-op games that needed to be added to the database and finally got a man on the job after slacking for months.  We get dozens of tips on co-op games a week and we are careful with researching and adding submissions to ensure it's a true co-op experience.

by Nick Puleo 41

Welcome to Co-Optimus 3.0

Today we officially launch Co-Optimus 3.0, our third iteration of your Prime Source for co-op gaming. We've got a new look, new features, and plenty of new things to do! Want a tour of some of the things to do as well as a chance to win some prizes? Well then, read on!

by Nick Puleo 61

Co-Optimus Redesign Launched - Feedback Contest!

As you can probably see, things are a bit different around here (if not hit control-f5).  We've been hard at work behind the scenes to bring you a cleaner more easier to use  More changes are on the way in terms of functionality - so sit tight!

by Nick Puleo 0

Looking for the Best Co-Op Games?

Are you looking for the best co-op games available on each platform?  If so you should be checking out our Best of Section on We'll show you the top 5 cooperative games from each platform so you know what you should be playing with your friends.   We've even added a Family Friendly version so you can see what games wo...

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