The First Templar

  • Couch Co-Op: 2 Players
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Closed Beta Coming for The First Templar
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Closed Beta Coming for The First Templar

Kalypso Media and Haemimont Games have announced a closed beta test for the upcoming two player co-op game, The First Templar.  The beta test is for the Windows version of the game, an Xbox 360 version is also planned, both will be out in early 2011.  

The First Templar is a co-operative action-role playing game... that... portrays a dark and gritty view of the late 13th century where old friends become enemies, corruption spreads throughout the Church and fallen knights oppress the weak and renounce their oaths. 

The First Templar follows the story of two main characters – a French Templar, and his companion, a noble lady who has been proclaimed a heretic. Taking control over these two unlikely allies, the player must uncover the mysteries behind the Templar Order, play a role in a grand conspiracy, and discover the secret of the Holy Grail. The heroes face powerful opponents at every turn, in the face of the Saracen, King Philip IV of France and the Inquisition. 

You can apply for the beta right here.