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The Behemoth Working on Castle Crashers' Online Problems
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The Behemoth Working on Castle Crashers' Online Problems

Well, as some people have noticed recently, Castle Crashers some online issues. This is a shame, since the game is really a fun game. But for some people the game is just local-only for now. Thankfully, The Behemoth is aware of the issues and is addressing it. Joystiq interviewed The Behemoth's lead programmer, Tom Fulp and their art director, Dan Paladin. Amongst the myriad of topics discussed, including popularity and pricing, they also addressed the online issues. When asked about a patch, Paladin replied:

We're trying to get it out as soon as possible, because we know it's important to people. I've played through half the game with a friend online and it runs fine. And when it works, it runs like it's local. But there's those certain people whose connections we have problems with and that's exactly the problem we're onto. It's that certain connection where two people just don't work, but we're on it. The good news is that it'll work ... at least half the time.

So, Crashers fans should have this problem resolved in a timely manner. Nice to see devs (particularly from an XBLA game) addressing a problem so quickly.