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Juicy New Details Emerge from the Shadows of Arkham City
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Juicy New Details Emerge from the Shadows of Arkham City

Rocksteady continues to tease co-op fans everywhere as they hold Batman: Arkham City close to their chest. It appears that not only are Jokers wild, but Twos are as well - co-op has been all but confirmed by the UK Official PlayStation Magazine's latest preview. Either Rocksteady is bluffing, or they're going all in on this hand.

Among other somewhat spoilerish plot details, at least one driveable vehicle is expected - presumably for transport only. Mobility is a bigger factor in the new, larger environments, so aside from the vehicle rumor it's been revealed that Batman will have two grapples for rooftop swinging and some new gliding moves to get from points A to B. Within this reveal it was confirmed that Catwoman has the same ability via her whip...if she is indeed playable.

There’s a not-so-subtle hint that Catwoman is a playable, co-op character. She uses her whip in the mission in the same way Batman uses his zip line. [Director Sefton] Hill wouldn’t be drawn when asked directly if she was controllable.

“I’m not allowed to comment on that,” he said.

Combat gets some subtle upgrades, including the ability to return airborn projectiles to their sender. For the most part, though, the Freeflow style and controls will remain the same.

It's looking like this might be a great sequel, one that's quite possibly worthy of the huge hype surrounding it. With all of the other improvements being reported, we can't fathom some form of co-op being left out entirely.

Batman: Arkham City is currently expected to drop in on bad guys Fall 2011.