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Steel Series Launches Shift Keyboard, Successor to ZBoard
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Steel Series Launches Shift Keyboard, Successor to ZBoard

For PC Gamers no other input is as important as the keyboard.  For some, they live and die - in game of course - by how fast they are able to manipulate a device designed for textual input.  Steel Series is launching a successor to their popular ZBoard keyboard, a keyboard designed to accept inter-changeable keysets with custom key options for the game its based on.  The best news is - existing ZBoard keysets will work with the new Shift.

The keys themselves are where you'll see a focus on quality - utilizing a hard plastic with improved rubber domes that are rated for 15 million key presses per key.   Take that Mavis Beacon.  Other features include on the fly macro recording, USB inputs, audio inputs and outputs, and even weighted "hot spots" like the WASD keys.  For co-op gamers there's a StarCraft II keyset available and Steel Series promises more popular games in the future will have their own unique keyset.  

The Shift has an MSRP of $89.99 with each keyset priced at $24.99.   You can pre-order now at Amazon.com.

Source: Steelseries.com