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Xbox LIVE is Invading New Markets!
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Xbox LIVE is Invading New Markets!

Davaĭte igratʹ v igru sovmestnogo operativno!  Do you have friends in Russia?  How about Poland?  Are you frustrated because you can't play Lego: Army of Darkness* with your pals in Hungary?  Get ready to learn how to curse in a multitude of new languages becasue Xbox Live is launching in nine new countries on November 10th.

Since 25 million members are not nearly enough, Microsoft will be offering their online services to Russia, Poland, South Africa, Greece, Czech Republic, Hungary, Brazil, Colombia, and Chile.  You will be able to migrate your account if you live in one of these countries and already have one.  There are a few details you may want to check out.

If you live in one of nine new LIVE markets and already have a LIVE account through a different region it will be possible to migrate your account to join the official LIVE network in your country.

When you migrate your LIVE account you get to keep your profile, gamerscore, achievements, points balance and subscription time remaining. You also get to keep any downloaded content such as your avatar items, Arcade games, and game add-ons.

Before you start with account migration there are some important things you need to know:

  • Some services may not be available in your country.
  • Previously purchased or downloaded content (videos, games, add-ons, etc.) will not be downloadable again after migration at this point in time, so remember to save your purchased content to your hard drive or a USB flash drive.
  • The account migration process is not reversible.

Microsoft was kind enough to provide some FAQs on account migration, just in case you want even more details.  Seeing how the process is not reversible, just like buying a digital shirt for your digital doppleganger, you may want to check them out before you migrate accounts.

*As of this writing, Lego: Army of Darkness is not a real game, but oddly enough, Lego: Burn Notice** is in development. 

**No, it is not.

Source: Xbox.com