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Fable 3

  • Online Co-Op: 2 Players
  • Couch Co-Op: 2 Players
  • + Co-Op Campaign
Fable 3 Co-Op Glitch Yields Infinite Gold
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Fable 3 Co-Op Glitch Yields Infinite Gold

Do you like money?  Do you like gold?  What about infinite amounts of both?  You do!  Good - then I have a glitch in Fable 3 just for you.  Performing the glitch is simple and requires only another controller to start a local co-op session.  After that it won't be long before you have 999,999,999 in gold - that's the max - anymore than that and your treasury explodes.

Here's the simple steps:

1. Have the Controller 1 load the game
2. Start up Controller 2 and log in to any offline profile
3. Have Controller 2 jump into the game by pressing the Start button
4. Switch to the Controller 1 and approach Controller 2′s character
5. Press LB to send Controller 2 gifts. Controller 1 will teleport automatically to the Sanctuary
6. To the main character’s right, there should be a blue bag.
7. Give all of the Controller 1′s money to the blue bag and go back to the main game
8. Switch to controller 2 and go to the Sanctuary by pressing the Start Button
9. Have controller 2 approach the gifts given by controller 1
10. When controller checks the gift, REJECT IT
11. Go Back to the Game and Leave by pressing the DOWN D-Pad while facing Controller 1
12. Press Start again to go back
13. Switch to Controller 1 and check the gifts pedestal given by the controller 2
14. Repeat Steps 4-13

Remember - 1 less than a billion is the max....don't get greedy.

Update:  Looks like the latest patch has fixed the glitch according to some of our readers.