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LevelUp Announces the Rock Band Ottoman
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LevelUp Announces the Rock Band Ottoman

Lets face it - your living room is beginning to look like a McDonald's Play Place and there isn't a McRib in sight. Your room is littered with plastic guitars, fake drum sets, microphones, and other peripherals used for Rock Band, Guitar Hero, and other co-op music games.  And the worst part?  The only time you break this stuff out is for parties.  There is hope though - LevelUp has a solution that both looks stylish and is functional.  Enter the officially license Rock Band Storage Ottoman.

The Rock Band Ottoman features fitted drum stick loops, fitted side accessory pockets, and a Velcro guitar loops to keep two guitars secure.   There's even a spot for a drumset, games, and controllers.  If you prefer to go the roadie route, the ottoman has handles for easy carrying to a friends house.  When you're done, simply close the lid and literally put your feet up. and are currently selling the "Skull and Snakes" version online for $179.00 while Costco stores are carrying the "Back in Black" version for $89.99.  Check out LevelUp Gear's website for more info.