Pysko Audio Contest Results, Coupons for Everyone!
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Pysko Audio Contest Results, Coupons for Everyone!

Our Psyko Audio contest to give away a sweet headset has come and gone - and our winner has been chosen.  We had over 150 entries for the $300 cans but sadly we could only have one winner.  The good news in this case is that everyone is going to end up a winner - at least to some degree.

 Because of the feedback and popularity, Psyko Audio have given us two exclusive coupon codes to use on the headsets.  The first one will net you a cool $60 off the price, the second will give you free shipping! 

Coupon Codes:

CO-OPTIMUS – 20% off

CCEESHIPPING – Free Shipping

Just head over to the Psyko Audio Website and click the Buy Now link, then enter your coupons at checkout.  Thanks to everyone that entered, thanks to Psyko Audio for the headphones and coupon codes, and look to Co-Optimus soon for more giveaways!

Congrats to (TSC)Bender who won the contest!

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