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Squad 51 vs. the Flying Saucers

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Avatar Bump - Co-Op Teacups on XBLA Indie Store
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Avatar Bump - Co-Op Teacups on XBLA Indie Store

Bumper Cars - Scream if you want to go faster!

America may be full of outstanding theme parks, but they don't have Alton Towers.  This is the UK's equivalent of Disney World, but a bit rubbish.  Being the best ride based entertainment in the country, Alton Towers gets very busy during the summer and all the rides take hours to queue for, apart from the Teacups!  Now you can relive the wonders of the Teacups for only 80MSPs with new Indie game Avatar Bump.

Avatar Bump is an extended version of the type mini-game you find in games like Viva Pinata Party Animals, but fun.  The offline co-op mode involves up to four players working together to survive an onslaught of AI enemies who are threatening to push you out of the arena.  With four of you flying around the screen, plus AI, you soon find yourselves having to work together to preserve the community pot of lives - it's a real challenge. 

The co-op mode is good fun, but I'm going to be controversial here and say that the versus mode is better!  Four players can face off over a series of slightly different game types e.g. stay in the arena as long as you can, hold the flag etc.  The first to 5 wins is the victor.  The game brought back memories of Super Bomberman and the recent Burnout Paradise Party Mode.  With Christmas coming up and families looking for a quick and simple game to play together, those lucky enough to have 4 control pads could do a lot worse than dropping 80MSPs on Avatar Bump