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In Diablo 3, Monsters Co-Op Against You!
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In Diablo 3, Monsters Co-Op Against You!

It's been almost a year and a half since Diablo 3 was announced, and in all these months, our desire for the game has not lessened one bit.  The previous Diablo games were amazing to play through in co-op, and we're sure that trend will continue for the upcoming sequel.  Of course, we're talking about players cooperating and working together through teamwork.  But wouldn't it be something if the monsters used cooperative tactics against players?

According to a recent update regarding encounters in Diablo 3, that just might be the case.  Tidbits about several different types of monsters are given, including the Vessels, seemingly harmless humans who spawn demons, plus "big hitters" and frenzied enemies.  But the teamwork displayed between different types of monsters is the most intriguing.

Individual monsters can be dispatched carefully and cautiously, but when they work together, the circumstances can become dire. At a particular point in the game, you might find yourself in a desert, battling through a swarming mass of Fallen. As the Fallen surround you, threatening to hold you in place and dogging your steps, Sandwasps emerge from the swirling sands, shooting slow-moving, high damage projectiles. The wasps' attacks slowly eat away at your life, and the noose around your hero's neck tightens -- you need to kill the wasps, or at least move, or you'll die, but the living wall of Fallen is clamoring for your attention, and there are so many projectiles in the air that you'll have to weave through them as you move away.

Of course, this is the perfect time for a Dune Dervish to erupt into your field of vision, its blades spinning in a whirling frenzy...

Is it too late too ask Santa for Diablo 3 to be released already?  Perhaps for Christmas 2011?  That seems like a long time to wait.  And as we wait, Diablo's minions continue to practice their co-op moves...