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Sousaphone? Glockenspiel? New Guitar Hero 4 "Instrument" Revealed
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Sousaphone? Glockenspiel? New Guitar Hero 4 "Instrument" Revealed

Recent rumblings of a new instrument for Guitar Hero: World Tour have now been verified.  Fans of enormous brass instruments and German orchestra bells (a favorite of many elementary music teachers) will have to wait until the next GH, however.  The instrument, if you can call it that, is MIDI sequencer functionality.  Through some arcane, sorcerous method, players can transfer MIDI files, perhaps of their own band, into GH:WT and further editing can be done there.  The PS3 version will have full functionality, but the 360 version will only support drum tracks due to "hardware issues".  (Insert your own fanboy comment here.)  I know I dream of playing "The Touch" from the original animated Transformers movie in GH:WT (don't we all?), but that may not be as easy as I'd like.  Says project director Brian Bright:

It's going to take an FAQ on the Guitar Hero site--it's not something that your average user is gonna do.

And thus all my Stan Bush aspirations vanish in an instant.  Still, this sounds incredibly cool, and is yet another reason why my wallet, and the wallets of many rhythm game fans, will be a bit slimmer this fall.