Monday Night Combat

  • Online Co-Op: 4 Players
  • Couch Co-Op: 2 Players
  • + Co-Op Modes
  • + Combo Co-Op
Happy Valentine's Day from Monday Night Combat
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Happy Valentine's Day from Monday Night Combat

Happy Valentine's Day from Uber Entertainment.  The developers of Monday Night Combat  have a new update out for the Steam version of the title on PC.  There are a number of features, adjustments, and fixes, which you can see below.  New Crimson Gear is available for all the pros.  It might sound tough, but it's really just Valentine's Day-themed armor.  In honor of Valentine's Day, Uber also has a super-sensual music video, "You are My Pitgirl," which you can also see below.  It's no "D!@% in a Box," but what is?

If you have a special someone who has not yet played MNC, now is the chance for you to introduce them to the tower defense/class-based shooter.  You can work it into your romantic evening with lines like, "Look, they're wearing hearts and stuff," or "There's a rose petal death effect, all for you baby," or even "My last girlfriend/boyfriend played video games with me. I guess she/he loved me more than you.  Don't you want to express your love to me, digitally?"  All these lines are guaranteed awesome.

These updates are for the Steam version of the game.  If you own the Xbox 360 version of MNC, you should know that Uber thinks you're a nice person, but likes you "only as of a friend."  Bummer.

MNC Crimson Gear.  Pretty.  They sell man-clothes where you picked that up?



New Features

  • Added “You are My Pitgirl” Realtime Music Video for all you dreamers out there
  • Added Crimson Gear for all Pros
  • Added Broken Heart Headshot Effect for Snipers wearing Crimson Gear
  • Added Rose Petal Death Effects for all Pros wearing Crimson Gear
  • Players will now earn different “Bot Kill Streaks” when killing bots without dying in Crossfire matches
  • Graphics options have been moved out of HostileEngine. You will still have one more graphics reset with this patch, but all future updates should be reset-free.
  • Uber is now shipping a list of banned players. The list has been compiled and vetted by the community and Uber. Individual server admins will now have to remove these player from their HostileAccess.ini file if they wish to allow cheaters on their servers. The default will be to globally ban known cheaters.


  • Players no longer receive bonus juice at the start overtime or when they respawn in overtime
  • Auto balancing of teams will no longer activate if either Moneyball has its shield down
  • Updated Bullseye with festive colors
  • Changed Character Select Screen layout and added player names
  • Emphasized Locker Room in main menu
  • Turned on over head player names during Moneyball finale


  • Fixed server name from disappearing on dedicated servers when matches roll over
  • Fixed class limits being offset in the server browser
  • Fixed class limit lockout issues on character selection
  • Fixed Assassin’s dash becoming unusable
  • Fixed Preseason Hero Gear not unlocking for some people
  • Fixed end-game chat window getting lost if the scoreboard was already visible
  • Fixed controller sensitivity not working at highest and lowest settings