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GameDaily HUD - We Are Rock Gods
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GameDaily HUD - We Are Rock Gods

It's another Week of the GameDaily HUD, and with everyone's favorite co-op rhythm game hitting store shelves, it was an obvious focus. 

Here are the 4 questions answered by the panel of 10.

  1. What are you playing?
  2. We're all excited about the Rock Band 2 and Guitar Hero: WT song lists, but there's gotta be at least ONE song you're dying to play that thus far hasn't been released. What is it?
  3. EA's given up trying to romance Take Two. Who wins? Who loses? What's next?
  4. Why do consumers care about game reporters? (Or do they? Should they?)

So now for something new.  I'd like to hear what you dear Co-Optimus readers think of the questions.  What would be YOUR answers to the HUD?