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Shaun White Snowboarding

  • Online Co-Op: 16 Players
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Grab Your Balance Board for Shaun White Snowboarding
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Grab Your Balance Board for Shaun White Snowboarding

So, you got Wii Fit.  You played it regularly, didn't you?  The Balance Board never collected dust in the closet, or behind the couch, at all.  You're probably looking trim and slim even as you view this news item.  What's that?  You didn't stick with it?  Dust bunnies the size of a small elephant are the only ones using the Board?  Yeah, me too.  It looks like that may change later this fall, perhaps.  Shaun White Snowboarding is coming soon for the Wii, and pretty much all the other platforms, too.  However, it's the Wii version that piqued my interest.  First of all, the game will support the Wii Balance Board.  That seems natural to me, since the skiing minigames were my favorite part of Wii Fit by far.  Of greater importance to Co-Optimus readers is this quote from IGN's preview:

Co-op is played in split screen as two players ride the same slopes and add their scores together in order to reach a quota. The entire game can be played through cooperatively, so you and a friend can travel the world together, completing objectives and unlocking new mountains.

Unfortunately, only one Balance Board can be used at a time.  Or maybe that is fortunate, as I'd have to evict the dust bunnies to make room to store two Balance Boards.  Anyway, this looks like a fun little title, and I look forward to all the arguments over who gets to use the Balance Board, and who is stuck with the Wiimote.