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Co-Op with Rockstar Games in GTA IV This Weekend
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Co-Op with Rockstar Games in GTA IV This Weekend

Did you know developers are more popular than Hollywood celebrities?  The paparazzi that follows these folks around are INSANE.  Denis Dyack can't even poop without it being blogged about.  Ok, so I made that all up.  But developers are pretty cool dudes, and they are all gamers at heart.  And even though Denis Dyack enjoys the luxury of a private bathroom, you did get to co-op Too Human with him last Friday night.   What's that?   You missed it?  Well I've got good news then, there's another co-op title available to play this weekend with its developers, Grand Theft Auto IV.

Now to be clear, this is the Xbox 360 version only.  But on September 26th, from 3PM to 9PM Eastern you'll have a chance to game with one of 25 developers of GTA IV - and what's even better?  You could win some prizes for playing the entire weekend!  Hit the read more link for the full details.

Please join Rockstar Games in celebrating our first Grand Theft Auto IV Live Weekend. Starting Friday, September 26th combatants with Gold accounts will be eligible to win prizes and given the opportunity to play against some of the developers of Grand Theft Auto IV. Additionally, new and current members who register and login to the Rockstar Social Club that weekend will also be entered into a drawing to win even more prizes.
Get your crew together, grab some heat and cause chaos with Grand Theft Auto IV. Rally your readers and have them rep your site - reputations live and die with competitions like this.
Players can test their skills by jumping into multiplayer matchmaking to go toe-to-toe with the actual Grand Theft Auto IV development team. Members of the team will be online between 3:00 pm – 9:00 pm/EST on Friday Sept 26th to play with fans. While online, players should be sure to add the following Grand Theft Auto IV gamertags to their friends list:


























Everyone that plays will not only be elligible for one-of-a-kind GTA IV collectibles, but will receive exclusive gamer pics commemorating the weekend as well. Each hour a gamertag will be chosen at random from all those that played GTA IV that hour. That lucky winner will win random GTA IV merchandise like hooded sweatshirts, duffle bags, dartboards, and a host of other rare prizes.
On top of that, participants that either check their Rockstar Social Club stats that weekend, or who join, will be entered into a drawing to win a $6,000 home entertainment system.
The festivities kick off on the 26th and run through Sunday. For more information on the Grand Theft Auto IV Live Weekend please feel free to contact me at the information below.

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