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PAX East Begins, Co-Optimus Staff Reveal All
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PAX East Begins, Co-Optimus Staff Reveal All

This weekend kicks off PAX East in Boston, MA.  Co-Optimus will be there to bring you coverage all weekend of plenty of great co-op titles.  To whet your appetite, some of the crew have weighed in on the show, giving you an inside look at some of their deepest, darkest, thoughts on the show.  We've got three questions we asked Mike, Kat, Tally and Nick...

1) What game are you most looking forward to?
2) What aspect of PAX East most excites you?
3) Name three things you are bringing you absolutely need.



I'm actually looking forward to FEAR 3 - just to see how well they did in the horror/co-op crossover. Well, that and because it's a FEAR game.

For PAX East as well as any other gaming events it's the community that gets me there and worked up the most. I'm excited to see my friends from various websites across the Country (and beyond) for a weekend of gaming.

The three things I can't live without for PAX East are: Deodorant, my cell phone, and a good memory to bring back some solid previews. Cheesy? You bet.


Guild Wars 2! After years several years of playing the first game and years of waiting to hear anything about the sequel, for the first time I'll actually be able to see it in action!

Really feeling like I'm part of a huge community. Being around thousands and thousands of people who care about the same things I care about and are excited about the same things as me will be powerful, indeed!

Comfortable shoes (for all the walking), cell phone (for communicating and coordinating), and friends (to weather the long hours in line with good company!).


Honestly, the game I'm looking forward to seeing the most is Duke Nukem Forever. Considering I was fifteen when the game was announced and I turn 30 next year, it's something I can safely say I never thought I would see. After that, it's probably a toss-up between Deus Ex: Human Revolution and Firefall.

PAX East is great because I can drive to it! It's also a good place for East Coast based developers to peddle their wares - Bethesda, Irrational and 38 Studios all spring to mind.

Three things necessary to survive PAX: My iPhone to keep track of my appointments, any portable game system: the DS is incredibly handy while waiting for panels to start, and a variety of hand sanitizers, medical masks and sterilization agents: I'm not getting the PAX plague, dammit!


Its a tough call for me - Duke Nukem Forever is definitely up there, Duke has been a huge part of my gaming persona since the Duke 3D days.  I'm really looking forward to checking out Firefall though - I think there's a lot of potential there.

I'm looking forward to seeing how PAX East has grown since last year.  I think a lot of publishers were tentative with the show - but it really seems this year everything has taken off.  Bigger venue, more publishers and games, and lots more people.  It should be a great time.

The three things I need?  My SLR for pictures, my notebook so I remember the little details of the games, and my staff to help cover the show!  


If you see any of the Co-Optimus Staff at PAX East please don't be shy - say hi!  You can keep up on our PAX East coverage just by clicking the Co-Optimus/PAX East logo on the right sidebar.