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  • Couch Co-Op: 2 Players
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Announcing the Co-Optimus T-Shirt Store from Splitreason
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Announcing the Co-Optimus T-Shirt Store from Splitreason

Sometime ago we held a contest, partnering with t-shirt website Splitreason.com, to design a co-op themed t-shirt.  We had tons of great entries, but an entry by a user named Ville took the cake with a coin-op inspired design.  

Now we've officially launched a store with Splitreason to not only sell the our "Coin-Op Co-Op" shirt, but two other co-op themed shirts designed by our own Mike Katsufrakis.  These t-shirts are all extremely high quality, 100% cotton and pre-shrunk with excellent quality screen printed designs.  I've personally used Splitreason for years and their shirts hold up extremely well over time with no fading.

You can visit our store here to purchase the shirts and other Co-Optimus goodies, or visit the Splitreason Co-Optimus Store right away to get your t-shirts!