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Tally is currently a doctorate student in Linguistics because she enjoys unraveling the mysteries of grammar, of all things. In her more normal life, she plays games with her boyfriend and a close group of friends that they consider a guild, but it's more like a bizarre and slightly dysfunctional family. She enjoys nothing more than being part of a team and can often be found filling the roles that make the team stronger and more effective as a whole. She'll roll a priest or monk to your rogue or mage, watch your back while you're defusing the bomb, and be on top of the list for team assists.

Tally got her start on the PC back in 2002 or so and is still most comfortable with the keyboard and mouse set-up. She's a relative newcomer to the whole “new-fangled” console thing, but she's doing her best to make up on lost time (of course prioritizing the co-op console titles that were released in the past few years which she whined at length about not coming out on the PC).

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Aaaaaaaand gun show!

Battleborn Co-Op Review

Battleborn may not be the game you think it is. I say this because when I downloaded the open beta on a whim last month, I was expecting something totally different than what I experienced. I feel like my expectations were probably in line with a lot of other people’s expectations of the game, so I wanted to spend some time at the beginning o...

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A wealth of content has sprung forth for GW2, BDO, and SWTOR

MMO Co-Opportunities Volume LXV: Spring Has Sprung

This month on MMO Co-Opportunities we take a look at more content pouring in for pre-existing MMOs. The popular Super Adventure Box returns to Guild Wars 2, recently released Black Desert Online gets a full-fledged expansion free to all players, and a new chapter is released for SWTOR: Knights of the Fallen Empire. It’s a good time to be a pl...

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