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Upcoming Games on Xbox LIVE Market Place
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Upcoming Games on Xbox LIVE Market Place

The Xbox LIVE Marketplace has plenty of co-opportunities this month.  Were more than halfway through March, and there's still a ton of gaming on the horizon.  Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime is coming out next week, and there will also be a deal on competitive and co-operative four player games, called Arcade Four-Play.  Is that right?  Really? My sources say, yes, it's called Arcade Four-Play.  Fantastic.  Don't forget, one of the best co-op titles from 2010, Halo: Reach, is coming to Games on Demand.  What are you waiting for?  Start converting you hard earned cash into Microsoft Points now.


Xbox LIVE Arcade  Release Date Price Microsoft Points
Full House Poker 16-Mar 800
Ghostbusters 23-Mar 800
Swarm 23-Mar 1200
Islands of Wakfu 30-Mar 800
Seisou Kouki Strania 30-Mar 800
Rush ‘N’ Attack Ex-Patriot 30-Mar 800
Deal of the Week Discount Dates Price Microsoft Points
Sonic 4: Episode I   3/22 – 3/27       800


Arcade Four-Play    
A World of Keflings March 29 – April 3               400 (50% off)
Worms 2: Armageddon March 29 – April 3 400 (50% off)
Worms 2: Battle Pack March 29 – April 3 200 (50% off)
Raskulls March 29 – April 3 400 (50% off)



Games on Demand    Release Date
Call of Juarez 22-Mar
Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 22-Mar
Tom Clancy’s H.A.W.X. 2 29-Mar
Split Second 29-Mar
Games on Demand Price Reduction Date
Halo: Reach   ONE WEEK ONLY – March 15-21
Batman: Arkham Asylum (Square Enix)            15-Mar
Avatar Marketplace Release Date
Aviation Collection 17-Mar
MLB 2K11 collection 24-Mar
Zombie Pets collection 31-Mar


Source: Majornelson.com