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Gears of War 2

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Gears of War Behind the Scenes Videos and Statues
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Gears of War Behind the Scenes Videos and Statues

The above image is a picture of a 12" Marcus Phoenix statue that is now available for purchase on sites like   Collectible site has a review of the statue including detailed photos as well as an interview with Karen Traviss, the writer of the Gears of War prequel book "Aspho Fields".  And while you can't exactly co-op with an collectible figure, this one is so awesome you'll wish you could.

Also in Gears of War 2 news is three brand new video documentaries on the making of the game.  Entitled Touch the Sound, Every Gun has a Story, and Delta Blue - each one takes a look at some behind the scenes footage of the game and its developers.   In Touch the Sound you'll hear just how Epic came up with the "meaty" sound for the game.  In Every Gun has a Story you'll learn how to "reach out and touch someone...with a flamethrower."   And finally Delta Blues examines each character and what makes them tick.  

All videos are available via direct download here, or are available streaming after the "Read More" link.  We also have some hot pictures of the 12" Statue!

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