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No Joke... X-Men Arcade XBLA Is $2.50 Today Only
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No Joke... X-Men Arcade XBLA Is $2.50 Today Only

Mutants everywhere rejoice!  Apparently, one of Professor X's mutant powers is to go on sale on the day when no one believes anything they read on the internet.  Today only, X-Men Arcade, the Xbox Live Arcade version, specifically, is on sale for 75% off.  That's 200 MS points, or two fiddy in US dollars.  You'll recall we were quite impressed with the update of the early 90s classic.  Any fan of co-op should go get a copy immediately, at this price.  But hurry, the deal will BAMF away, just like Nightcrawler, very soon.

Editor's Note:  Also - Unbound Saga is only 160 MSP today!

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