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Hey Bub - X Men Arcade on Sale Again!
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Hey Bub - X Men Arcade on Sale Again!

The arcade classic drops to 400 Microsoft Points for one week

The world and its dog may be playing Borderlands 2 this  week, but please note that there are other co-op games still out there.  You can take your fancy graphics and 4 player co-op and I raise you old school graphics and 6 player co-op with X Men Arcade on XBLA; reduced to 400 Microsoft Points for one week only as of Wednesday 26th September.

The 400 MSPs may not be the 75% off that the game received one fabled April Fool's Day, but it is still a great price for one of the best old fashioned side scrollers on the console.  You can finally pick up a copy and play all those people who picked it up for cheaper - curse them.

This weekly reduction comes as part of a Marvel bonanza on XBLA with the awesome Pinball FX2 Marvel based tables also getting a reduction.  Could it be a coincidence that this sale is at the same time as the release of the top grossing 'Avengers' movie on BluRay?


Pinball FX 2: Captain America  - 120 MSP

Pinball FX 2: Marvel Avengers Chronicles – 400 MSP

Pinball FX 2: Marvel Pinball – 400 MSP

X-Men Arcade – 400 MSP

Marvel vs Capcom 2 – 600 MSP

In addition, Fable Heroes remains on sale at 400 MSP this week. 


Source: Xblafans.com

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