LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean: The Video Game

  • Couch Co-Op: 2 Players
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LEGO Pirates Sink Online Co-Op
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LEGO Pirates Sink Online Co-Op

Orlando Bloom's acting suddenly improved once he was fashioned out of plastic

Pirates are fond of bold statements such as 'avast me hearties', 'take that you scurvy dog' and even the dangerously provocative, 'hey nonny nonny'.  Game publishers themselves are also fond of the odd over the top statement, and when gaming combines with Pirates it makes for a potent mix.  Travellers' Tales (TT) have landed a broadside blow to all fans of the LEGO games by stating that LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean will be offline co-op only:

We've always found that people have the most fun playing LEGO games in the same room. It's great when people can go to a friend's house and play a game together. So that's always our focus - and as a result, no, we're not planning to add online co-op as well. But we guarantee that the game is win nonetheless.

To discover more about the reasoning behind this mutinous attitude and a new trailer set sail for Read More.

In a recent interview with Official Nintendo Magazine, TT have gone out of their way to suggest that Pirates of the Caribbean is the most natural fit for LEGO to date:

The Pirates Of The Caribbean movies are full of great characters, varied locations and cool action scenes. This gives us the perfect foundation for a LEGO videogame. Also, the Pirates Of The Caribbean world has a sense of fun and mischief which fits really well with our own sensibilities. Plus: PIRATES!

But will this appease fans who have not been able to play a LEGO game online since LEGO Star WarsCo-Optimus has always heralded the LEGO games as good family fun, but almost every review of the series laments the lack of online play.  Fans of the LEGO games and Pirates films will have to make do with the other elements that the latest LEGO game has to offer. These include the usual 2 player co-op throughout a series of levels, this time based on all four Pirates films.  More interestingly is the new enhanced freeplay mode that will allow you to play as any character you have unlocked, rather than the usual selected few the game offers.  This could lead to deeper puzzles during freeplay as you have a wider range of actions to choose from.

With the recent LEGO Star Wars 3: The Clone Wars being criticized in our review for being an evolution and not revolution for the franchise, will Lego Pirates be different enough to warrant a purchase?  The game is out in May, a matter of weeks between outings - is LEGO fatigue about to hit?

While you ponder this question, check out the latest trailer for the game to see if you are still excited (I still am!):